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Thursday, March 19, 2009


My Friends....

This evening was nice and quiet. Just the way I like it. I spent the evening watching TV with my parents. Before then, obviously my sister drove me insane with her Algebra and Geometry homework. However, I am learning to be a lot more patient. I discovered that it is a lot easier for me to teach her more advanced math than the old elementary math..... (Is worth to learn Sciences and Math in English...Say Boleh to PPSMI.. ;-))

Maybe I just don’t think that simply anymore, mathematical nor in real life....Just see my growing debt credit limits.... ;-)

I am trying not to use my savings at all, and only use my credit card. ASAP is killing me, so I try to only use credit card for emergencies. It sucks not having an much income for this month and paying a bills. I see my savings slowly decreasing and it is giving me a bad migraine. Thank God I am going to get a cheque from my past assigments project...That’s like a 4 month’s salary worth.... ;-)

So be patient...don't used your credit card like a crazy..but im love to shopping with my friendly visa... ;-)


prashant said...

hey...i want to be a good frd..........would u like .......

swraaz frm india....

keep in contact.