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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Four possibilities to receive ruined

IF you've already got the winters of blues - the read thing you want is tons suffering on your own. But dark nights CAN lead tons dark endings if you're emergency careful, I has the FOUR Main relationship wreckers for couples ton watch our for. :

A) Poor communication

When couples aren’t talking enough, little niggles become monster issues, with rows on money, sex, work, children and housework topping the list.

But relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall says although arguments start of from a difference in opinion, couples should be able to negotiate a compromise – if they are chatty and patient.

‘Talk, talk, talk and more talk,” says Paula.

“It can be difficult when you are both busy and exhausted, but it’s the most important thing you can do.”

B) Routines

Routines might be comfortable and secure, but they can also create boredom.

It’s a major issue when sex becomes a routine chore. When you know what is going to happen from first to last base it can seem pointless to bother because the excitement is gone.

“Arguing about how often to have sex is nearly always about feeling loved and cared for,” says Hall.

“A sex therapist can help with this but couples should try to spice things up in the bedroom with things they have not tried before.

“Try acting out a fantasy or spending more time just concentrating on pleasing your partner.

C) Not making enough time for one-another

Your partner should be your best friend and you should want to spend time with them.

If you have a demanding job, children and different groups of mates it can be hard to find time for just the two of you.

But try to re-create the days when you first started seeing each other and made time to ‘hang out’.

D) Insecurities

Personal insecurities eat away at a relationship faster than a swarm of locusts at the salad counter - creating jealousy and paranoia.

It can result from a bad experience in a past relationship, which has left you with low self-esteem.

As her plastic surgeon would testify, actor Melanie Griffith clearly has insecurities about ageing.

Even her toyboy husband, heartthrob Antonio Banderas, agrees.

"Hollywood stars are not supposed to be perfection,” he said. “I think it is a mistake. I like her the way she is. Wrinkles are beautiful."

If your partner is happy with you, try to be happy with yourself.

Having that confidence will make you even more attractive and will nip the jealousy thing in the bud.

  • Go to the movies
  • Go to a restaurant for a drink and talk about fun things – NOT about housework or the kids
  • Have dinners for two and snuggle up to watch a DVD
  • Go on a weekend trip away together
  • Get the house to yourself and give each other a long massage


Monday, January 21, 2008

Colouring your hair..?

is the in thing nowadays and Malaysians have caught on the trend, as testified by the increasing number of blondes and red heads in the city. To avoid hair disasters, consultation with a good hair colourist is important. Unfortunately, there are not many truly qualified hair colourists.

The colourist should be able to recommend colours that enhance the customer's appearance or image and to dissuade the customer tactfully from one that will cause disastrous results.

Before recommending a colour, the colourist will ask the customer questions in order to assess his/her personality, career, and position.

The Customers have one of the following three types of personality: Fashionable, Self-belonging and Laggards:
  1. Fashionable likes really outrageous colours like patches of different colours: pink, electric blue and then with a streak of purple down the middle perhaps. These are individualists with the devil-may-care attitude.
  2. Self-belonging, follows trends. For example, men now wear shoulder length or longer hair that can be tied in a pony tail versus the conventional hairstyle. Also, this group is most likely to go for obvious hair colours.In generally recommends lighter shades to brighten up. The individualistic type will accept tones even three times lighter than their natural hair, plus some highlighted streaks.
  3. The laggards first reaction will be: "I won't be seen dead with that." But, ultimately, familiarity breeds acceptance; he/she then may happily blend in, perhaps two to three years later. When they see how good they look, they will come around and be a bit more adventurous later on.

The right colours, when applied well, should give your hair life and lift that will also reflect on your personality.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Smart women and the Stupid mistakes

One of life’s great mysteries is women’s turbulent relationship with their other half.

Every woman who has loved, lost and embarrassed herself, but in truth, what we already know: you don’t need a man to be happy.

Are women still doing stupid things for men? We took to the streets to find out:

Stupid devotion

All women to grow up and be a man. Women are so driven by the desire to exist through men that they miss the positive examples male behaviour can offer them.

In other words, if women studied male examples in assertion, courage, purpose, dreams and perseverance, they might live more fulfilling lives and stop blaming men for all their disappointments and unhappiness.

“Men don’t stay in relationships when they don’t think it’s working. Stephen Hawking walked out on his marriage, and the man has no legs.”

Women are supposed to have husbands. We are validated by that, and we validate ourselves that way.

Stupid cohabitation

So let’s say you’re one of the lucky girls who aren’t married yet. However, you do have a boyfriend with whom you want to test the waters before you take the BIG plunge?

But before you do, imagine Beauty and the Beast living together in their big, enchanted castle. Now imagine how much hair the Beast would have left in the shower drain, and how he is so darn possessive of her.

Hardly fairytale stuff, but Beauty is dying to change him – except he’s stubborn as a Beast.

Women usually decide to move in for a myriad of reasons that are self-delusional, not to mention selfish. They move in to be protected, to be wanted and to recreate the “Happily Ever After” fantasy from watching one too many Disney movies.

But life isn’t a cartoon......!!!!!

Stupid expectations

What is more un-sexy to a man than watching drag queen extraordinaire RuPaul trying to pole dance? A woman who tries to mould him.

Women should not turn into whiners just because a man hasn’t turned out the way she expected him to. Since you can’t just magically turn a slimy frog into Prince Charming with a flick of the wand, it’s best to heed the early warning signs.

Stupid faith

The advent of technology has brought about a new host of problems for women. The Internet has become a choice hangout to scout for potential mates – and it isn’t without its pitfalls.

Online romances should all come with a gigantic warning sign because a computer impairs not only one’s vision, but also one’s judgment. Just think of all the women you know who “found love” online.

Now think of all those who didn’t.

The chances of ending up happy and in love like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail, is as slim as Kate Moss on a diet. It isn’t love just because you e-mail each other every day.

Stupid ambition

The 21st century has given rise to a generation of alpha females who are intent on climbing the corporate ladder in their four-inch Manolos and making enough money to put Donald Trump to shame.

Don’t get me wrong, “ambition” isn’t a four-letter word. You don’t have to be apologetic about it. But what happens when it becomes all-consuming, to the point where you lose sight of everything else?

“There’s just one word that our culture bestows on that supremely ambitious woman who unrepentantly values her career:

That’s what I am. And I really don’t care what others think”

“I’d make the feminists of yesteryears very proud. I wouldn’t have allowed any man to get in the way of my career a few years ago. Not even Brad Pitt.”

But I wasn’t happy....!

“It wasn’t because I was single. I’ve been disappointed by men in the past, and it was in my career that I found fulfilment. Nevertheless, I had this big, gaping hole that I needed to fill with things I wanted. And there were so many! I wanted to travel the world, wanted my Chanel bags, a bigger home . . . so I worked my butt off.

Men have showed interest in me over the years, but I was too cynical. They became invisible to me after a while. Even the genuine ones who weren’t intimidated by my success.

“I thought I was happy this way, until one day, I fell ill.

I'm started to change my life.

“Living has become such a pleasure. I’m no longer highly-strung and I’m beginning to find joy in everyday things. People started opening themselves up to me and this led to a chance encounter with my soul mate five years ago.

“Life’s more meaningful now that I have someone to share it with. Now I cringe just thinking about all those years I wasted.”

The verdict

Let’s face it – today’s women may have better education and careers compared to a generation ago, but we’re still making the same mistakes, over and over again.

Men don’t dictate our lives – we do.

The responsibility for steering our lives in the right direction lies with us, and the choices we make do not have to revolve around the opposite sex.

Try looking inside instead. Be balanced in your approach to life. “Women need to get out of their comfort zone and have faith in themselves.

“It takes independence and confidence to do so. I know it’s easier said than done, but nowadays, women are able to cope better with all the support groups that are available, even on the Internet”.

After all. It’s not about men,...................................................


Monday, January 14, 2008

The day after tomorrow

I'm hopping a plane tomorrow to fly back to JB. It's been a long trip and I'm ready to be going home. But after the last three days here, KL is also really starting to feel like home as well. I'll have to start thinking of a new definition of what I call home. :-) ..............

So may, I postponed my plane, to go home until I could afford to forget my new feel..?.

I'm thinking...............,

So many people postpone their happiness and quality of time spent with their mate and family, because they honestly believe that there is always tomorrow. Many people think, "Someday, when I have more money, someday when I'm less stressed, someday when I'm not so tired, that's when I'll concentrate on my personal life." In fact, some of you may be living your life.


"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow." NO ONE KNOWS IF THEY WILL BE HERE TOMORROW...............


Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Dreams Health -Laugther Jokes

My Health

A woman walked up to a little old man rocking in a chair on his porch.

"I, couldn't help but notice how happy you look," she said.

"What's you secret for a long and happy life?"

"I smoke three packs of cigarettes a day," he said.

"I drink a case of whiskey a week, eat fatty foods and don't exercise."

"That's amazing," the woman said.

"How old are you?"

'Twenty Six."

My Dreams

A woman walk-up and tells her husband,

"I dreamed you gave me a beautiful pearl necklace for our anniversary. What do you think it means?"

"You will know tonight," he replies with a smile...

That evening, the man comes home with a small package and gives it to his wife.

Delighted, she opens it. Inside it a book entitled "The Meaning of Dreams."


Friday, January 11, 2008

True friendships

ONE has to be blessed to have good friends. Some are luckier than others. We often hear people boasting about how lucky they are to have so many friends. And on the surface, yes, they have hundreds of friends. In fact if one is rich, famous and/or very successful, one will have everyone claiming to be a “friend”. Of course, one will never know the value of real friendship until a person goes through trying times.

What is the true meaning of friendship? If you ask around, you will get so many different definitions and explanations and all of them will be based on people’s own experiences – good and bad. There are those who will say that his friend saw him through his darkest hour. I will tell you that my best friend helped me keep sane for two years when my life was in turmoil. Some will tell you that talking to a friend is the daily “dose of tonic” they need.

So what kind of a friend are you? What kind of friends do you have? Are you one who will only make friends with people of your kind, or are you one who looks for kindred spirits. Do you have great friends at the workplace or are the colleagues you think as friends quite happy to stick a dagger in your back?

What makes a good friend? Let’s make a list:

  • Anyone who is not judgmental but will tell you the truth about you and your actions.
  • Someone who does not compete with you unfairly.
  • Anyone who is thrilled when things go brilliantly for you.
  • A person who cheers you up when things look down.
  • Someone who defends you bravely when people are vicious.
  • Someone who is there to boost your morale and motivate you when you have failed.
  • Anyone who will laugh with you, cry with you, and act silly, when the situation requires it.
  • Someone who befriends you irrespective of who you are or where you come from.

Good and lasting friendships are always a blessing. Some friendships formed at school last a lifetime. Some people have friends but as they grow older, they change, their interests change and they move on and make other friends.

Real friendship is like this. Time is of no essence. You can meet after four decades and it makes no difference to the joy and comradeship that you feel. The only issue would be trying to catch up with details about what you’ve been doing with your lives.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Exotic Hidden Beasts

SCORPIONS scamper in bowls, water snakes coil in tanks and cats whine in cramped cages, waiting to be slaughtered, skinned and served for dinner.

Dangerous tastes, everthing from cats to insects are sold alongside fowl and freshlycaught fish.

An outbreak of the SARS virus in 2002 resulted in a local gourmet favourite – the civet – being banished to the black market. The racoon-like animal was blamed for spreading SARS, which infected 8,000 people globally and killed 800.

But exotic wildlife and squalor have returned to the market, making health officials worried that another killer virus could emerge.

Ever since Severe Respiratory Disease Syndrome (SARS) virus emerged in Malaysia, authorities have fought to rectify the country’s image and clean up it’s market.

Still, sights abound that would send even the most ardent carnivores running. In a dark shop near the new medicine mall, faeces and urine drip like goo thorough stacked cages of squawking chickens and meowing cats.

My god, Thats mean this kind of human, can eat anything with legs or not except the dinner... table.......


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

From JB to KL

Got up early and basically worked through until about 9 PM then sent my report off to KL Office. Since then, I seem to have done nothing but work.

Im typing as fast as i can as i have to catch a flight in just a bit lol!,

Took a flight to KLIA to meet Sarah! and tomorrow is holiday..but on friday, I had a meeting at Bukit Bintang....after that i'm free.... ( Free to shopping... :) )

I decide to cancel my trip to Melaka and postpone the one to Singapore to next week. I'll visit my friends, Johan tomorrow and Maybe i'm fly back, next Monday to JB.

Oh my god, The week has been steadily busy for me..... Anyway goodluck to me.....


Monday, January 7, 2008

Enabler, Friend

You know how sometimes you know people, but you don’t really know them – I mean, not well – and you’d like to get to know them, because you feel like maybe y’all could be really good friends, if only you could find time to catch up and hang out and chat that didn’t involve meeting in passing at a friend’s party when you’re surrounded by tons of people with whom you have to catch up, and so since you’d like to get to know them, you finally decide to hang out, and while hanging out you realize that you were totally right, because this person is actually just as cool as – if not cooler than – you’d imagined, and you’re all excited to be finally spending time together, only to discover that this person is a horrible enabler of your clothes-whore tendencies? Ahhh. forget-it......

I am going shopping in a couple of hours with my friends. The weather has decided to go all grey and miserable though. It should be fun though, hopefully less people will wanna go shopping because of the weather. We fed the stray cat last night and I called it and it ran up to me but then got a bit cautious and walked away.

I would say that I am a shopaholic and my friends would say that too, especially when I am off for the six weeks holidays, I go shopping every other day. hahahaha

We'll be looking for beautiful shoes and handbags. and clothes that flatter my figure. We'll also go book shopping, and maybe somewhere I can get another bookcase, cos mine is full.