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Monday, January 21, 2008

Colouring your hair..?

is the in thing nowadays and Malaysians have caught on the trend, as testified by the increasing number of blondes and red heads in the city. To avoid hair disasters, consultation with a good hair colourist is important. Unfortunately, there are not many truly qualified hair colourists.

The colourist should be able to recommend colours that enhance the customer's appearance or image and to dissuade the customer tactfully from one that will cause disastrous results.

Before recommending a colour, the colourist will ask the customer questions in order to assess his/her personality, career, and position.

The Customers have one of the following three types of personality: Fashionable, Self-belonging and Laggards:
  1. Fashionable likes really outrageous colours like patches of different colours: pink, electric blue and then with a streak of purple down the middle perhaps. These are individualists with the devil-may-care attitude.
  2. Self-belonging, follows trends. For example, men now wear shoulder length or longer hair that can be tied in a pony tail versus the conventional hairstyle. Also, this group is most likely to go for obvious hair colours.In generally recommends lighter shades to brighten up. The individualistic type will accept tones even three times lighter than their natural hair, plus some highlighted streaks.
  3. The laggards first reaction will be: "I won't be seen dead with that." But, ultimately, familiarity breeds acceptance; he/she then may happily blend in, perhaps two to three years later. When they see how good they look, they will come around and be a bit more adventurous later on.

The right colours, when applied well, should give your hair life and lift that will also reflect on your personality.