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Friday, January 11, 2008

True friendships

ONE has to be blessed to have good friends. Some are luckier than others. We often hear people boasting about how lucky they are to have so many friends. And on the surface, yes, they have hundreds of friends. In fact if one is rich, famous and/or very successful, one will have everyone claiming to be a “friend”. Of course, one will never know the value of real friendship until a person goes through trying times.

What is the true meaning of friendship? If you ask around, you will get so many different definitions and explanations and all of them will be based on people’s own experiences – good and bad. There are those who will say that his friend saw him through his darkest hour. I will tell you that my best friend helped me keep sane for two years when my life was in turmoil. Some will tell you that talking to a friend is the daily “dose of tonic” they need.

So what kind of a friend are you? What kind of friends do you have? Are you one who will only make friends with people of your kind, or are you one who looks for kindred spirits. Do you have great friends at the workplace or are the colleagues you think as friends quite happy to stick a dagger in your back?

What makes a good friend? Let’s make a list:

  • Anyone who is not judgmental but will tell you the truth about you and your actions.
  • Someone who does not compete with you unfairly.
  • Anyone who is thrilled when things go brilliantly for you.
  • A person who cheers you up when things look down.
  • Someone who defends you bravely when people are vicious.
  • Someone who is there to boost your morale and motivate you when you have failed.
  • Anyone who will laugh with you, cry with you, and act silly, when the situation requires it.
  • Someone who befriends you irrespective of who you are or where you come from.

Good and lasting friendships are always a blessing. Some friendships formed at school last a lifetime. Some people have friends but as they grow older, they change, their interests change and they move on and make other friends.

Real friendship is like this. Time is of no essence. You can meet after four decades and it makes no difference to the joy and comradeship that you feel. The only issue would be trying to catch up with details about what you’ve been doing with your lives.