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Saturday, February 2, 2008

A coffee cup, like it or not ?

Village Starbucks..! I like coffee, but I had to
drink another few glasses of water
to clear my throat and tongue.

Coffee was a threat to the lives of unborn babies but by today it was the secret to beating ovarian cancer.

So if the experts are so confused about coffee, how do the rest of us cope?

The best solution, probably, is to believe what you want.

If you can’t face the day without a caffeine shot, you’ll want to read it can ward off cancer, boost female sex drive and keep your liver healthy.

But if you’re trying to wean yourself off it, you’ll want to hear it can damage sperm, trigger insomnia and raise the risk of heart attacks.

So if you can pick your own drink, why not pick your own story?
  1. Stops baldness: Caffeine can block chemicals that damage hair follicles. The bad news is you’d have to drink 60 coffees a day to have any effect.
  2. Keeps skin healthy: Drinking coffee combined with regular exercise protects against skin cancer, say US scientists.
  3. Prevents cancer: Women who down several cups a day are less likely to get ovarian cancer, claim experts at Harvard Medical School. But decaf doesn’t work.
  4. Boosts sex drive: Fellas asked back for coffee are in luck. It boosts female sex drive (but only if the drinker isn’t used to it).
  5. Aids memory: Three cups a day can keep a woman’s memory fresh and ward off dementia, according to French research.
  6. Stops diabetes: Six or seven coffees a day may ward off Type 2 diabetes – even if you are overweight and do not exercise, a Finnish study claims.
  7. Fights eye problems: Two cups a day can help to prevent blepharospasm – an irritating eyelid tremor which can persist for months.
  8. Keeps liver healthy: Four cups a day can slash risk of cirrhosis of the liver by 80 per cent.
  1. Promotes insomnia: After-dinner coffee causes insomnia by blocking the flow of brain hormone melatonin that sends us to sleep.
  2. Doesn’t pep you up: A morning cuppa doesn’t actually make you more alert, says Bristol University research. It just counters withdrawal symptoms you have in the night.
  3. Damages sperm: Men who down three cups a day may risk infertility. US scientists claim it can sometimes damage sperm.
  4. Triggers heart attacks: Too much coffee may spark a heart attack, especially in those with certain genes that slow the rate at which the body processes caffeine.
  5. Causes miscarriage: New research suggests just two coffees a day may be enough to cause miscarriage.
  6. Interacts with drugs: Downing a couple of paracetamol with your morning coffee could damage your liver beyond repair.