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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What’s wrong with playing internet?

Plot 1

Mom just smacked me and said,

“Get off the computer! Look at your red eyes. It it bulging out like a frog!”

My sister said,

“You are not even winning! So stop playing frog eyes!! mauahahaha”


Plot 2

A long journey in a non-airconditioned car is simply tortuous. On A recent trip from JB to Malacca, my car’s air-con unit began playing up by blowing lukewarm barely one hour into the journey. Five minutes later, a loud screech could be heard above the sound of “Road to Hell”.

I switched the air-con unit off and turned the music down. I have a choice, I can either tolerate the heat, quietly, or I can return to JB and leave for Malacca another day after everything is in working order again. The desire to get to Malacca was so huge that I agreed to put up with a two-hour drive on what just had to be one of the hottest days of the year.

I, on the other hand, was feeling extremely disgruntled. Less than a week before, I’d had my car serviced and had paid a Rm900 for a new air-con compressor with a others service charges. As I drove along with the windows down, I became hotter and hotter, and I felt I had to vent my spleen.

So I phoned my mechanic.

“My air-con isn’t working,” I said.

“Uh!” came back his response.

“Do you realise how hot it is today?”

“Bring your car in and I will have a look at it.”

“I can’t do that. I’m on way to Malacca. Do you realise how many miles without air-con that is?”

“Er, I don’t ?”


Halfway into my journey, I pulled into a RNR Pagoh. Traffic in the parking lot was bumper to bumper, and the fumes coming through my open window had almost reached asphyxiation level. I parked my car illegally. When your clothes are sticking to your body and your lungs are filled with carbon monoxide fumes, the last thing you want to do is follow the rules. You want a cold drink in a cold environment.

I entered a KFC restaurants . Big mistake, It was packed to the seams with hungry travellers and staffed by people who did everything at an excruciatingly slow pace. And they called it fast food. Mind you, some of the slowness could be put down to those indecisive customers who only start thinking about what they want to eat when they’re asked. It never occurs to them that standing in line presents a good opportunity to study the menu.

Asserting the rights of seniority, I claimed the only available chair in the restaurant. I stood there and calmly ate their ayam goreng.

One hours later, when I arrived in Malacca, I stumbled out of my car with a painful sunburn down one side of my upper torso and a small box of KFC in my hands. I would have to make the return journey to JB under similar conditions, but I didn’t want to think about it just then. I had other things on my mind. Like, should I have the cold air sirap limau first...muahahahaaa


Ezzudden said...

haha..so suey....
lately malaysia really hot...el-nino is coming i think...hehe...

u paid RM 900 for air-cond compressor?...wah!!! so expensive...
mine b4 this..i think not more than RM400...

ritaemilia said...

yup ezzudin..like el-nino...

.. honda stream, aircond compresor price like the hell...mahal gila...campur service lagi...

Kalau aircond buat hal makna nya banyaklah duit nak pakai....