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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You right....???

There is a major difference between animals and humans. Obviously it is the human intellectual thought process that is completely different than an animal’s. Moreover, there is a difference between choosing someone you want to spend your life with, and someone else choosing them for you.

Why is that?

Some people think it is a weak personality on the man’s side. Some think that parents care too much about society’s acceptance of another family’s social standard that entices them to take such an action. Others believe that beauty is what they are seeking; unfortunately, only physical beauty.,

I am not sure why people think that physical beauty will last forever; last time I checked a biology book, there was this thing called aging. Why can’t those mothers see that in the mirror? Or are they blind and can’t tell that they grew up as well, and honestly, many of them are not that attractive anymore.

So why do these mothers take that extra step to choose a wife for their sons, why can’t the sons do it them selves? So, is the girl chosen supposed to be a treasured ornament for her son and that’s it? I don’t get it. Why do these girls accept such a proposal? A girl barely knows the guy, and probably only saw him a few times and made small conversations with him, and ends up marrying him.

Why can’t a girl choose for her self? Why can’t a girl say NO!

What if things turned around and a girl wants to choose those qualities in a man, as in beauty and attractiveness? Not many guys would end being married at that rate of selection. So, why can’t a girl say, I want this guy! Why is it always the mother of the man making those decisions? Or better yet, why can’t two people choose each other? Why the middle person? Why let someone else do it for you?

I am lucky because I am as stubborn as a goat. I am also sick of both ends of the spectrum. You know what’s funny, I get so many people emailing me through my site per day asking me the same question, “can I have your phone please? Can I chat with you and get to know you?” Although, I specifically wrote a warning saying don’t send me such a proposal, but to no avail. No one reads, or they read and think I am joking. Why would a girl like me, at my age, not like a nice email from a guy who is far away, well educated, well off, and is polite enough to email me?

I don’t want to answer that in one line or paragraph, because my real answer is for you to read my entire blog. See what I have been through, read my perception of life, and tell me, why would I? I made a choice, although it is not the smartest choice and looked down upon in this society I was inevitably born into, but I made it for my peace of mind. I keep thinking, what is my purpose in my life? What have I done that will make someone else think that she is worth it? In my eyes, what has that guy done and his perception of life and what he wants from it that will make me change my mind?

I guess I am picky, and I have the right to be. No one makes my decisions for me. No one can tell me what is better or worse, and I have to live my life, grow up, and make the best choice I can ever make. It’s for my sake, and no one else’s.