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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I lost my self

I got many emails and many post ideas to talk about. Some people emailed me with great questions that needs to be addressed. Well, actually my opinion about some issues need to be addressed, and I just haven’t been motivated to write much.

I wanted to write every day about my life, but I don’t know if I can today. I have just been feeling sick. I am not physically sick that I can’t walk or talk like some people think. I am just tired and unhappy. I have no joy in life anymore, and I feel lost and confused.

I am completely lost. I really am. I don’t feel like my self anymore. I forgot who I am, and what I tried to pursue in life. I keep thinking that no, I want to shape up my destiny. I want to control it, but I can’t. I am just really depressed and very stressed out. It’s not just work, but life in general. I want a change and need a chance so badly and so quickly. I think it is just patience. I lost every ounce of it and it is making me depressed!

Ahh.. I am just going to sleep. I will go to work tomorrow and will say… quang...quang...quang.....