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Thursday, June 5, 2008

One-sided love

I was reading a few articles about relationships and I came across the term “one-sided love.” Every time I hear or read that phrase I quiver in my seat and think of what I did to my life. You can ask so many people if they were ever in a one-sided love relationship, and they would say yes. Others may argue that there is no such thing as one-sided love. Love has to be mutual. I disagree with that.

Love is not mutual. Not all the time. Sometimes people pretend to love you for various unknown selfish reasons, and you think it is mutual love. Sometimes people pretend to love you because they just need the company and to show off. Once you see any sign of this happening in a relationship, the other person is being used and abused emotionally. Then you automatically know that the relationship will end soon and become a long lasting what if.

What if? Ahh.. I think I am having a bad day. I think it has to do with my pointless life. It also has to do with it being wedding season and I keep getting dragged to people’s weddings that I don’t know and wonder why they are 6 years younger than me and getting married.

Does my life suck or what?