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Monday, January 7, 2008

Enabler, Friend

You know how sometimes you know people, but you don’t really know them – I mean, not well – and you’d like to get to know them, because you feel like maybe y’all could be really good friends, if only you could find time to catch up and hang out and chat that didn’t involve meeting in passing at a friend’s party when you’re surrounded by tons of people with whom you have to catch up, and so since you’d like to get to know them, you finally decide to hang out, and while hanging out you realize that you were totally right, because this person is actually just as cool as – if not cooler than – you’d imagined, and you’re all excited to be finally spending time together, only to discover that this person is a horrible enabler of your clothes-whore tendencies? Ahhh. forget-it......

I am going shopping in a couple of hours with my friends. The weather has decided to go all grey and miserable though. It should be fun though, hopefully less people will wanna go shopping because of the weather. We fed the stray cat last night and I called it and it ran up to me but then got a bit cautious and walked away.

I would say that I am a shopaholic and my friends would say that too, especially when I am off for the six weeks holidays, I go shopping every other day. hahahaha

We'll be looking for beautiful shoes and handbags. and clothes that flatter my figure. We'll also go book shopping, and maybe somewhere I can get another bookcase, cos mine is full.